Stodd Edit

Stodd is red with an orange outline. He wields a dark red retractable arm-cannon/wrist-blade on his right arm. He also has a green visor able to scan objects and switch to thermal vision. Both equipments are able to integrate other technologies into themselves, thus upgrade themselves.

Attack Edit

Runs along the ground shooting the targeted enemy with rapid shots then jumps up to the targeted enemy and hits him a few times. After that, he kicks off and fires rapid shots. Finally, he jumps up one more time and fires a charged shot at the enemy. Medium recharge. Standard fighter.

Perks Edit

  • Powerful attack combo.

Upgrades Edit

  • Beam+

Replaces shandard shots with thermal, electrical, or ice shots which it will choose randomly. Thermals deals damage over time, electric branches 15% damage to nearby enemies, and cryo stuns/freezes enemies.

  • Scan

Adds input attack, scans target enemy to take 200% damage for 10 seconds.

  • Ballistics cannon (level 2 ultra (requires slush token)

Stodd fires a salvo of explosives (10 in all) that are effected by beam+. They divide themselves among enemies, so the less enemies you have, the more missiles concentrate on individual targets.

About Edit

He grew up in a city where people went missing every day and wanted to do something about it. So, he crafted a powerful cannon and visor in order to become a self-proclaimed vigilante. After a few years of fighting crime and saving people, he heard about the Silver Fists and decided to join them. Ever since, he's done better than he'd ever done by himself. His favorite teamate is Stanner because they both use ranged weapons. Stodd likes to give Stanner some pointers on using ranged weapons sometimes. He is social, comedial, and always has something funny or encouraging to say.

Trivia Edit

  • Stodd is a Metroid reference.

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