Stoku/Stakkarot is a stick version of Goku from a long-running, famous anime/manga series, Dragon Ball Z.

Info Edit

Stoku is the strongest fighter in the slush invaders universe. While when he is in his base state, that is not true. He has many forms that each give him a power boost, respectively.

Transformations Edit

Kaio-ken Edit

The kaio-ken is a transformation that isn't necessarily a transformation. It's just a power boost.

the Kaio-ken at base form multiplies Stoku's power by 2 but he can multiply it for the respective power boost (Ex: kaioken times 5 multiplies his power by 5). While Stoku has only gone up to times 20, it is said it can go higher, but is too strong and the strain can kill him.

Super Saiyan Edit

This is his 1st real transformation. it turns his hair into a shiny golden color and spikes it straight up and it multiplies the user's power by 50x, making it 2x more useful than the Kaio-ken. This form is his most used, due to low amounts of ki usages. It can also be used along with the Kaio-ken to create the Super Kaio-ken.

Super Saiyan 2 Edit

The Super Saiyan 2 is twice as strong as the normal Super Saiyan, multiplying Stoku's base power by 100x, but because of being a borderline of SSJ and SSJ3, it's used not as often, but is used somewhat often. The difference of SSJ and SSJ2 is that SSJ2 generates lighting around the user and makes the users hair slightly longer, as well with a visible bang.

Super Saiyan 3 Edit

This is his 3rd form and it multiplies the users power by 400x, making it 4x stronger than the regular SSJ. However, unlike the other forms, it drains his ki energy very quickly, so he can't be in the form for long and takes a long time to turn into. One of the side effects of the form is that his hair grows drastically longer, longer enough to stretch to his hips, along with the removal of his eyebrows.

Super Saiyan 4 Edit

This is his 4th and final form and it multiply his base stats by 500x. Unlike SSJ3, it does not consume more ki energy than SSJ3. His side effects includes an addition of a red tail, his stomach all the way to his shoulders to his arms now has red fur, his hair shrinks and turns completely black, and he grows slightly taller.

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