Domistick (Dominic) is a grey stickman with a yellow border. He also wears black glasses. He's the second to unlock on Stacob's assassins .


He's the son of Prof. Stolt, the professor who adopted Stacob . He became bestfriends with Stacob and treated him as his brother. He enrolled at West AJ with Stacob and his other friends. He then joined with the assault led by Stacob on the Limes .

Abilities Edit

- He has a circle icon.

- He invents stuff.

- He's a Stick Waqas wannabe.

In game:

-He invents machines that kills Limes.


Increase Fire Rate- Machines kill every 4 sec. instead of 7.

Review- He can now invent machines every 7 sec.

Reinforced Steel- The machines can take 9 hits before being destroyed.


-He is my alter ego.

-His sketchpad name is Jay-Kobe.

-His super power in my sketchpad is super intelligence in the field of math, computers, physics, chemistry, and astronomy.

-In his Icon and description, he's holding his pencil.


File:Domistick's icon.jpg
File:Domistick's description.jpg
File:Domistick's upgrades.jpg

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