Stpaige Edit Edit

She is dark purple with a light purple outline. She does not attack, but helps others.

Attack Edit Edit

She does no attack, but allies <-adjacent-> have their recharge speed increased by 33%. She is an Auto fighter. represented by a heart icon.

Perks Edit Edit

  • Increased recharge for allies

Upgrades Edit Edit

  • Support spec

Allies <-adjacent-> have their recharge speed increased by 50%.

  • Do it yourself

Unlocks an attack for Stpaige. Attack has a medium-fast recharge rate and average damage. Stpaige is now a standard fighter.

  • Heavy support (requires slush token)

Allies <-<-adjacent->-> recieve recharge bonuses

About Edit Edit

She went to slusher wing one day and was accepted for her aptitude in helping others. There, she met Stony and developed a crush. She was elated when she found out he had the same feelings for her. They started dating. in fact, they were about to kiss when Stick James pulled the emergency alarm. They were both furious, but they knew it was an emergency. She was the second person to join Stony's Group.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • She likes roses.
  • Her name is a reference to Stick page
  • She is Stony's girfriend.
  • Her roomate and best friend is Stelle
  • She is the third female defender created. The first being Stfairyfire and the second being Stawn.
  • Her locked icon shows her lying down next to a boulder that one of her feet is chained to.
  • Member of the Hero's Alliance