Stred Edit

Stred, or stick red, is a red with a black outline, a samurai themed shoulder pad, and a red bandanna. He uses a katana. Long recharge.

Attack Edit

Heads straight to the target and slashes it with a long lasting sword combo attack. If it is completed successfully, it fills up 7.5% of the current level of the ultrameter. Standard fighter.

Perks Edit

  • Long attack chain
  • High total damage
  • Recharges ultrameter if attack chain is completed

Upgrades Edit

  • Courage

Increases the recharge speed of all allies by 5%

  • Honor

Fills up 15% of the current level of the ultrameter if the attack chain is completed

  • Loyalty (complete darkwoods challenge: achieve a 40 combo)

If Stred is not on your team, gives the following level 1 ultra attack to all characters without an ultra. Summons him to attack targeted enemy as if he was on your team. Attack refills none of the ultrameter upon completion.

If Stred is on your team, he gets a level 1 ultra that allows him to do an extra long attack chain where he is invincible and recharges 67% of the ultrameter upon completion.

About Edit

A nice and well disciplined warrior, Stred moved into slusher wing and became Stim's roomate. they can argue at times, but they are usually great friends. He doesn't know too much about Stony, but he was gladly willing to join his group once he heard its intentions. There, he proved very valuable for his sheer skill in sword combat. The group also knew that they could always count on him when they need him. He was the last original member to join due to the fact that he didn't even arrive at Slusher Wing until after Stim had already been moved to a different room.

Trivia Edit

  • Stred and Stick Alex are the only ones with two ultra attacks.
  • Friends and roomates with Stim.
  • His locked icon shows him in a cage.
  • He is the only defender who can attack even if they aren't on your team.
  • Put him next to Sticorey and Stick James for a very good utrameter filling combo.
  • He is a member of the Hero's alliance.

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