Strhea (just simply called as Rhea) is a character within the Slush Invaders: The Series.

She is a student in Slusher and is Strializ's love interest.


Strhea is a rather shy yet clever person. Despite being one of the several known students in Slusher to not actually possess any sort of special abilities, she makes up for this with her intelligence, as she is able to understand and come up with ideas when needed and is even able to process certain aspects of a situation to formulate different kinds of solutions for them or even theoretically conclude different possible outcomes.

While she is most of the time diffident, Strhea is actually a tenderhearted girl who, despite being considered one of the "weakest" students and being classified as a "loser", is friendly and sympathetic towards other, even to people who may make fun of her for being a "geeky girl". She is also displays a caring nature, as she was really concerned for Stick Brea when she had gotten herself injured during the fight against the Green Groovers, despite Stick Brea being one of the people to always make fun of her, showing that she doesn't actually hold any sort of dislike to anybody.


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  • Strhea, as she appears in Season 4.


  • Strhea is one of the students within Slusher to be featured alongside the cast to not have a special ability or is in any group of Slush Fighters.

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