Strializ is a member of the Slush Fighters W.


Strialize's main color is teal with a darker shade as his outline. He wears a light blue scarf and has blue-green eyes. He has a large birthmark on his forehead.


Strializ is usually the more soft-spoken one of his team but he is very friendly and likes hanging out with his friends. While he is mature and cool-looking, he actually has a very outgoing personality, frequently hanging and playing along with his friends and sometimes going on walks by himself.

Another thing about him is his drawing abilities, a hobby he has with a passion. He has a great deal of love for drawing and is sometimes seen drawing on a sketch pad and sketching whatever comes to his mind or his own surroundings. Despite being seen as one of the popular guys in Slusher, Strializ actaully thinks he isn't all that special. He self-deprecates himself by occasionally stating that he isn't as strong as his other teammates are or that his drawings aren't all that impressive and even believes that no girl would want to date him despite having many admirers.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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