Full Name

Tristan Timothy Tailor


Tandem Typhoon Trinity


Good hand-to-hand combat, exponential power-ups through instances of 3, analytical


Relatively powerless otherwise, shows mercy


Math, Sudoku


The number 3 (obviously), his friends, justice



Stristan (Tristan) is a red stickman with a purple border (and an orange border around his hands and feet). He is technically a Slush Fighter, but more specifically, he's the leader of Tandem Typhoon Trinity, a trio of Slush Fighters from an alternate universe. Stristan has an obsession with the number 3 and tries to arrange everything in his life to include that number.


Stristan is analytical and crafty, yet friendly and loyal. This dependable demeanor has allowed Stristan to get in good terms with most people he meets. He tends to show mercy, which could work against him at times. His obsession with the number 3 has also caused some issues for him, no less had him labeled a freak at times. Above all, even above his obsession with the number 3, Stristan holds a strong sense of justice and wishes to uphold it so that he can protect everyone he cares for.


  • Gains +25% power if the team is a multiple of 3, including himself
  • Gains +25% power if the Ultra Bar level is at a multiple of 3
  • Gains +25% power if Big Blue is at 300 velocity
  • Standard Fighter


  • Partner Power Play (60,000 points)
    • Teammate <adjacent> to Stristan's icon will receive a x3 boost in power.
  • Chaos Combo Counter (90,000 points)
    • Stristan gains +25% power if his attack extends the current combo to a multiple of 3.
  • Tandem Typhoon Trinity (Bonus objective)
    • Stristan now gains +50% power for every possible power bonus.

SIWT2 Flavor TextEdit

"With Sristan, it's all about the magic number 3. How many times more powerful will he want to get? 3. What multiple will his combos always end at? 3. What round will he most likely devastate this tournament at? 3. I think you get the idea. 3."


  • With every upgrade purchased and every factor that increases his power, Stristan would be at 300% power. This would be enough for him to one-hit kill most standard enemies and easily send Big Blue at 300 velocity.

Strixie's JudgmentEdit

Argh, enough with the 3's already! This guy would give Gabe Newell a heart attack! Seriously, this guy's all about the number 3 and nothing else! He's just a regular guy otherwise! Strixie guesses that must be why he's so obsessed with it. Maybe he has nothing else in his sad life. And no, Strixie doesn't like him either, even if he did save me from being stuck under the ground. That never happened.

Overall: 3/10 - And this 3 is only because Strixie doesn't like him that much, it's totally not because Strixie takes pity on him.


Notes from Scottick: These are all Slush Fighters I have made up and created. Apart from Scottick, none of them are based off any real-life people. Also, please do not edit this page without Scottick's permission.

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