Stroth, the Healing Hand (Droth) is a white stickman with a blue border and an oak staff. He is adept at healing through magic, however is very weak physically.

Personality Edit

Stroth is somewhat reserved and quiet. Due to a leg injury when fighting, he has trouble walking and uses the oak staff to help him walk around. The staff also empowers his healing abilities slightly. Stroth does know some offensive magic attacks but rarely uses them, preferring to sit in the back behind the main fighters and heal them. He can be a little mysterious at times. Although Droth seems wise and sagely at times, he is not necessarily. He is no wiser than the average Joe. Come on guys, that's stereotyping!

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Game-Style Description Edit

Fully heals the fighter with the least health, not including himself.

Own health slowly regenerates over time

Upgrades Edit

Magic Barrier: Stroth starts out with a magic shield protecting him, giving him a +30% health boost. This 30% regenerates twice as fast as his normal health.

Last Resort: When Stroth dies, all fighters get fully healed.

Dualcasting: Stroth heals two fighters instead of one.

Trivia Edit

• He is based off the Elvish mage Droth from Rubicon's game "Combat Monsters".

IMG 0876

Droth from "Combat Monsters"