About Edit

Stuce is a dark grey stickman in the Alternate Universe series and is a part of the Alternate Team.


Powers Edit

Stuce has no powers but is the strongest stickman physically. Stuce does know Martial arts, Karate, Judo, Sumo wrestling, Wrestling and any other form of fighting.

Story Edit

Stuce lived in a large region. He was one of the five most powerful people in his region. He was the fourth most power-fullest only coming behind a creepy ghost lady named Stagatha, a dragon tamer named Stance and a silent kid named RedStick. Stuce was then asked to go to a neighbouring region. Stuce accepted and went there. He became the third strongest member in the region falling behind an evil girl called Stick Karen and his old friend Stance and soon to be GoldStick. (anyone gets the reference gets a cookie :3)

Relationships Edit

Stuce tries to be friends with Stim without being blasted halfway across Jupiter and he is StIvan's tutor but doesnt see him as a friend.

Trivia Edit

  • Stuce is one of the only characters in The Alternate Team to be a referance to another character. The other is Stonic.

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