Stwinston Edit Edit

Stwinston is silver with a gold outline. He has a medium attack and recharge and attacks with his fists.

Attack Edit Edit

You click the icon and he charges up to the target hitting it with his fists and then sending it upward with a backflip upward kick. Stwinston is a standard fighter.

Perks Edit Edit

  • Well rounded damage and recharge.
  • For each empty fighter slot, Stwinston gains +100% power and +10% recharge speed. This stacks up to +200% total power and +20% total recharge speed for a total of 300% power and 120% recharge speed.

Upgrades Edit Edit

  • Golden comet

On his initial approach, Stwinston is a gold comet that damages anything that tries to attack or block him. Once the golden comet his the target, Stwinston proceeds to use his normal combo.

  • Best under pressure

Power increase stacks up to +400% total power and +40% total recharge speed for a total of 500% power and 140% recharge speed.

  • Fast and dangerous (requires 1 slush token)

Stwinston gets +25% recharge speed per empty fighter slot that stacks up to +100% total recharge for a total of 200% recharge speed.

About Edit Edit

He's a tough fighter able to work well under pressure. Not long after Stony joined slusher wing, he went missing. When he was finlly rescued, he reluctantly joined Stony's group. While he is friends with Stony and pretty much everyone there, he doesn't like working with teams much.

How to unlock Edit Edit

After unlocking Stony, a side mission will appear named "Catacombs" which happens to be the place Stony was headed before he was caught. During the mission, you have to defeat 50 enemies before the end of the level. To make things harder, a bluish fighter will often attack your fighters, possessed Stwinston. In order to save him, you have to defeat him (he'll have a health bar at the top just like bosses) and defeat 50 enemies before you reach the end of the level. Defeating him is the bonus objective in "Catacombs." Unlocking Stwinston shows a clip where he explains that he was controlled by some ghost. You conclude that it's the Ultimate Ghost.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • He is the only boss you don't need to beat to complete the mission
  • His best friend is Stony
  • He is also good friends with Stanner
  • His roommates are Stony and Stanner
  • His unique skill set makes him a great choice if you're trying to accomplish a secondary objective that limits the amount of fighters you can equip
  • His locked icon shows him possessed and about to punch you.
  • Memeber of the Hero's Alliance

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