Styler is a character within the Slush Invaders: The Series.

He is a member of the Slush Fighters V. and is Stickyle's friendly rival.


Prideful and insensitive, Styler is infamous for his overbearing behavior, looking at himself as a form of public figure around Slusher and treats those outside of his so-called level as lame. While he does care about others, this is only shown to those that he believes are either on par or above his own capabilities, except for Standrew and his team's own leader, Vincetick.

Despite his lack of hard work and competence, Styler has, not once, ever lost his attitude of being too full of himself, even when he is being scolded or punished by either his fellow teammates, students or professors, brushing off their criticism as nothing more than them being jealous of his own achievements, which are not actually something to boast about or be proud about, as stated by Stick James.

He tends to showoff to others and thinks to himself as being better than anyone, despite being ranked among the Bottom 50 in Slusher's record book, and will get easily envious of anyone who can actually showoff, albeit unintentionally, better than him. The very reason why he has grown to have a feeling of bitterness toward Standrew and Vincetick for the two's respective achievements.


Season 1:Edit

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Season 2:Edit

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Season 3:Edit

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Season 4:Edit

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Season 5:Edit

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  • Styler has a bunch of posters of the "Devil May Cry" series, "Dead Space" series and "God of War" series in his room, which may hint that is a bit of a gamer as well.
  • It is revealed that he had failed the entrance exams of three other universities before, and as well as Slusher, but was accepted after he managed to melt most of StIcy's ice pillars when she accidentally caught a sudden case of "Freezenia". This would explain why StIcy is irritated and tolerates Styler whenever the two are present together.

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