Another saber wielder just like Ben Stickobi but he has a different story to tell.

Background Story - Superior Ben Kobe Edit

With neon green outline and white solid color, he also joins the so-called "The Force Academy" in order to teach himself for remastering his swordsmanship and his true ability. He said this too:

"I collect many types of swords, including my copy of Stomar's fencing sword!"
He is closer to being a saber-wielded Solider rather than being a sword addict, and the twist is he never uses the swords he collects. By the way, he is a extended version of Ben equipped with a purple light saber and a couple of laser blasters which has a high fire rate. From his abilities it includes he fires up both of his laser blasters during initial approach, stabs a lot and ends his attack with another light saber toss. If you were wondering how he got his laser blasters from, he stole one from a Drab sleeping at the front of the Bluish Headquarters security gate in the middle of midnight. But it was a machine gun before it eventually became modified. After stealing it from a sleepy Drab in the middle of the night he returned to the Slush Tower & Wing and got to his room. At first he wants to know how it works if it's a machine gun. Without even thinking he fired the machine gun out to his room window and plenty of the Defender troops are still having their activities at the park. Right after he fired some bullets the troops heard the noise and one of them who listened it yelled that he was a Blue Baddie all along! So he apologized to the guys and said that he was testing the weapon and had no intention of making noise. So he went back to his room, modded it and got another one the next day which he stole one again. Recently he never introduced the laser blasters to the Defenders and kept it secret.

Game Description Edit

  • Stabs powerfully at target, further increasing damage
  • Affects multiple targets

Upgrades Edit

Ragetrooper Edit

Superior Ben now gets to be equipped with a couple of laser blasters.

Saberlaunch Edit

Launches a saber toss to immobilize his target.

Force Feedback (Input Attack) Edit

Saves up to three saber tosses and can be used during his attack.

( One toss can be earned after a BlueKill from any ally.)


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