Tekno is the Technician of the Rakion Raiders, he excels in building machines, Is a master Hacker and Right now, is Garyn's Sensei. Rakion Depends on him to hack into system


Fascinated by technologyEdit

Tekno is Fascinated by technology ever since he was 6, when he was tought how machines work, by the age of 10, he learned how to build,and hack. By 15, he Left for slusher to meet new friends

Joining the RaidersEdit

While Tekno is Scowering the Corridors of SLusher, he sees a poster (The tecknology club! Application Center: Rakion's Dorm). He Excitedly Rushed to Rakion's Dorm to apply, only to see Rakion and Zora in the Dorm, Tekno tought he is the first one there, only to find that he did that to get members for the Rakion Raiders, Tekno is tempted to leave. Rakion Tells him he'll become famous if he joins them. Tekno Instantly Says yes to Rakion's Statement and Offically Joins the Raiders

Xtra Dimension Edit

Tekno was the one who made the portal which started the Xtra Arc, Due to him, He, Stno and the Other Raiders have met characters of unknown origins




  • Shadow once took his wrench to fix his sink, when Tekno found out, me immediately smacked it on Shadow's head.

Rakion Raiders

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