Gobble, Gobble... Edit

The defenders had just beaten Striker in a battle who let them pass in through to the lane but a couple of blues decided to watch the match and as soon as they saw The Alternate Team, they were prepared... A blue got out his phone and said, "Boss, they're here."

"WHAT?!!" shouted BigBlue angrily, "alright, prepare the Hokie..."

"So where did you think BigBlue went?" questioned StIvan.

"Hmmmm, I don't know..." replied Stadam. Meanwhile, Stonic was trying to explain what was going on, to Nub.

"So the main baddie is BigBlue, he has an army of blues and drabs, that army took our friends and we are trying to get them back, most of us have special powers that can help beat BigBlue and his army, mine is super speed, StAdam has an incredibly powerful kick, Stam has a sword and StIvan has really good combat skills, okay?" said Stonic, hoping that Nub would understand.

"OHHHHHHH" exclaimed Nub, "I GET IT NOW". Stonic gave a huge sign of relief as he felt inclined to drop on the floor and sleep but something was bought up...

"Hey Slush Puppies!" yelled a voice,"Looking for someone?" They all turned their heads to see in the middle of the pitch stood BigBlue...


"Let's see if you can kick this!" A small pipe came out of the ground and BigBlue jumped in it. Out of the ground, a giant robot turkey appeared and confronted the defenders. "HIS NAME IS ROBO HOKIE!!!!" shouted BigBlue from within the robot.

"Guys, you ready?" Questioned StAdam.

"Excuse me? Have we met? We're The Alternate Team. AND WE'RE ALWAYS READY!!!!! WE AREN'T AFRAID!!!!" Shouted StIvan in glee.

"AAAAARRRGHHHHHH" Yelled Nub as he ran and flailed his arms around.

"Well....Maybe not all of us..." said Stam

"You amuse me you do....Now be prepared to get painted!!!!"