Footy Fanatics Edit

StAdam, Stam, Stonic, Nub and StIvan were all heading towards the football stadium. As they were about to enter they came to a halt as the guard stopped them. "Sorry fellas, students only" said the guard.

"But...we're the..." replied StAdam.

"ALTERNATE TEAM!!!!" they all said while doing their heroic poses. The guard did not approve of this so he said no and stood there. "Don't worry, I got this" said StIvan. StIvan easily wiped the floor with the guard so he blowed his whistle and out came the star player....

Out of the main entrance came a gray stickman doing keepyuppies. Seeing the beaten up guard he knew exactly what had happened. "One does not just simply become star player..." said the stickman angrily.

"Who are you?" asked StAdam.

"My name is Striker and why don't we see how well you can play?" Striker kicked the ball to Stam making him defend with his sword and knock it back. Striker, however, volleyed the ball back to him landing it on the chest.

"It may be a ball but it still hurts," said Stam painfully. Striker grabbed the ball and rapidly started to bounce the ball back and fourth between all of them. Stonic raced behind him, kicking him on the back. Striker then whacked the ball into Stonic but Stonic successfully dodged it. Stam got back up and slashed Striker.

"aargh" cried Striker, "No need to be so violent!" exclaimed Striker.

"Hey you started it!" said Stam

"Only because you wanted to be the star player!" replied Striker.

" we don't....." said Nub as he was cowering away behind StAdam.

"So why are you here for?"

"Too beat up a dark blue stickman known as BigBlue and save our friends before he does something majorly bad with them like kill them, clone them, turn them evil, make them a pizza..."

"A pizza...." said Striker, "Really...."


"I knew he was a monster but I didnt know he was that evil...."

"Wait, what do you mean by 'I knew'" questioned StAdam

"Oh, nothing! Just go in and beat him will ya?" the five stickmen walked in ready to kick some blue butt.....

Striker got out his phone, "Yo you there?" he got a reply, "Good because I found this other group that want to defeat BigBlue" he got another reply, "Okay, im coming" Striker turned off his phone and waited until suddenly a portal appeared before him. "Good luck defenders..." said Striker as he jumped into the portal....


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