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Vincetick is the fierce leader of the Slush Fighters V.. He is one of the main characters of Slush Invaders: The Series.


Vincetick has pure cyan eyes. He is color red with a darker shade as his outline. He possess a demonic-like right hand which is main power. He possess a singular fang that can be seen on the left side of his teeth.


Vincetick can be best described as being deadpan and serious. He very rarely shows off any signs of emotions save for anger, which he occasionally expresses, be it toward his enemies or friends.

He is very honest with what he feels and tends to express what he thinks, and never is afraid to show what he really means by what he says, best shown as how he tends to show it off through his actions. Vincetick also never takes back what he says unless he deems it necessary, but this is a rarity to occur. These qualities tend to cause him to come off as an emotionless jerk, but his friends can say otherwise as they show a lot of respect and faith in him no matter what, most often looking up to and seeing him as a great leader, one of the major reasons he was chosen as his team's leader in the first place. Additionally, Vincetick can be quite the snarker, often delivering out sarcastic remarks to anyone. He is also a great strategist and a very strong fighter, attributes that have made him be above the level of the others, but these are things he never ever mentions or see as something he should brag about. Vincetick is very responsible and often looks out for others, be it his own teammates or others and he gives out a lot of personal advice to people when they need it.

He dislikes arrogance and is relatively impatient with others if they cross his territory of worth. He also dislikes mischief, which is the reason why he and his twin brother, Stick Jayvee, tend to get on each other's nerves due to his brother's mischievous personality that contrasts with his seriousness.


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  • As stated in his appearance, most of his design was based off of Vincent Universe, the protagonist of Stickman Universe.