Pergat, or as she is known, Virus, is an unearthly being capable of causing mass destruction and chaos to any location she desires. 
Virustick 3

Appearance Edit

Virus' appearance look rather fiendish compared to the other characters. Possessing four large insect-like tendrils and two spikes sprouting from her shoulders. She has 4 sharp fingers and thin yellow eyes and a fiery hair that faces upwards. 

Her color in general is dark red and has Tyrian Purple as her outline. 

However, what makes Virus truly strange is that she does not possess feet but instead her lower torso fades into darkly flames. 

History Edit

Known Origin Edit

Somewhere beyond Earth, lies a kingdom which Virus resides along with others of her kind. It was muttered by Virus that her home disappeared after it's core malfunctioned and exploded, taking the entire kingdom with it except for Virus. As Virus lies injured, her entire people's souls enters Virus' body and morphed her into a creature that carries their kingdom's legacy, giving her the powers to transform any place into what she and her people had lost.

Corrupted SlusherVille Edit


Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

Energy Replenishment Edit

Virus has the ability to slowly regenerate her lost energy as she uses them constantly. When overcharged, she can use her abilities at their fullest potentials.

Corruption Edit

Virus is able to alter a certain matter's appearance and how they function. When full of power, she can corrupt an entire city, like what she did with SlusherVille. Virus can also corrupt a living being, turning them into her loyal soldiers who she can command.

Pergat's WrathEdit

Virus releases her people's essence that takes form of fiery waves and smoke that is highly dangerous and can easily injure or kill anyone that is unlucky enough to be hit by it.

Trivia Edit

  • Virus was a reference from Slush Tile Rush boss, Malware.
  • Virus was originally a male antagonist. 


  • Virustick (old design)
  • Virustick

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