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WarStick, the Warlord!!!

WarStick is a cool slick stickman that is completley light blue.

Even though he is menacing, he is a good guy. He is 100% deadly with his drill spear.

Who Is WarStickEdit

WarStick was originaly part of a super human experiment. He was designed to be the strongest man of the 18th century, but he was to strong to be controled. He was cryogenically frozen for 300 years, until he came in the 21th century.

There he joined a group called, The Admiral Group. His friends and allies are part of it.

His sworn EnemyEdit

WarStick's worst enemy is his creator, who no one knows. He was a scientist who worked for intergalactic stickmen. He was pure evil, but no one knew his real plan, to conquer earth!!!

Test Subject -301

Warstick in minecraft





Embarrassing FactsEdit

  • He pees the bed every day.
  • Major fear against clowns.
  • Can't sleep without a Night Light.


  • His Best Friend is StEco.
  • It is rumored that he knows the identity of his creator.
  • He likes to be in charge.
  • He drinks way to much Coffee.
  • His Spear Drill is alien technology.
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Him vs StEco

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