Wings is one of the recurring antagonists in The Stickman Series
Wings 22

About Edit

Wings was the first ever genetic creature to be created but soon escaped and destroyed all the genetic containers in Redster's lab, causing every genetic to escape. He soon attacked Slusher Beach where he was taken down by Stan's team.

Appearance Edit

Wings has a yellow body color with orange outlines, he also has a small tail. His eye color is green and glows red when shooting his laser. As what he got his name from, he has 2 big wings that he often uses to travel and fight.

Abilities Edit

Wing blast Edit

Wings' signature attack, which he folds both of his wings and somehow conducts red laser. This attack was imitated from Seth's atomic blast but is weaker, he often uses this in order to weaken or finish off his enemies. There are various ways he can initiate this attack; With both of his eyes, hands or even his tail. 

Wing Shield Edit

Wings covers himself with his wings and can prevent any sorts of damage that is inflicted towards him.

Flight Edit

Wings' number 1 trait is his flight, he is by far the fastest antagonist in the series. He is able to outmaneuver and outrun most characters and other flying vehicles, with this he is also able to make small tornadoes and dust storms.

Trivia Edit

  • Wings was originally a pterodactyl and was redesigned into a hybrid genetic creature.
  • His Wing blast is exactly like Seth's.
    • He is also Seth's rival so far.
  • He is unable to speak, just like the other genetics.

Gallery Edit

  • Wings
  • Wings using his "Wing blast" against Seth

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