Wolverine is a brother of Wereswolf but has the power to control rocks. Like his brother, he is also an expert at wielding his sword.


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Wolverine is a tall and lean pale grey stickman (with four hair spikes on his head) who has a serious demeanor. Unlike his brother Wereswolf, he wears pants. He has onyx eyes that can see in night, or in a very dark environment. Wolverine also carries his sword "Blood Sliced" to intimidate his enemies with its dangerous color.


  • Can transform into werewolf everytime he see something rounded (except any stickman head that was also rounded). This trait is shared with his brother, Wereswolf.
  • Unlike any other of his species, he is the only one who is capable of controlling rocks like an Earthbender.
  • Expert in Swordmanship (trained skill)
  • Telekinesis and Telepathy (original trait)
  • Night Vision (original trait)
  • Enchanced Scent (original trait)
  • Superhuman speed (original trait)
  • Superhuman strenght (original trait)



  • Distracts enemies by his deafening howl, giving him a chance to finish them off.

Wolf bros

  • This upgrade will activate and call his brother, Wereswolf, to help him.


  • Transforms into a gigantic werewolf for a few seconds and smashes everything on his way.

The Fan of Wiki's Old TriviaEdit

  • His brother, is on the group Mythical Ones while he is on the Soldiersticks because he can fire up rocks like bullets, enough to kill his mortal enemies.
  • Like his brother, he is immortal.
  • He is a former rival of his brother during a war of their clan or civil war.
  • He and his brother were inspired by the brother of Wolverine and Saber Tooth. He is actually acts like Wolverine but have totally different personality from the original ones.

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