####ius (Any form of censorship is allowed) is the greatest hacker in the universe. His name stands for "Super Hacker Intelligent Trained In Ultra Spyform." He is such a good hacker, that by saying his full name will get you banned from the internet and existence and put on the Stick FBI's kill list.


####ius can appear anywhere

Origin Edit

Not much is known about ####ius. It is said he first appeared in a blocky, spastic form, but soon evolved into a stickman to avoid driving his victims insane. It is possible he learned his hacking skills in STibet, high in the mountaintops. It is known by few that He got his training from PBAMO. He encountered SticKenneth once, and got mildly sick and threw up a bit.

Powers Edit

####ius can hack literally anything and everything. This is why after hundreds of bounty hunters, most of the world's nations, and even the Slush Fighters trying to take him down, he has never been captured. He also has the power to revert to his short, blocky form that causes permanent to short term insanity and obsession over him, the time of this effect depends on the willpower of the individual.

Weaknesses Edit

He is so OP some people might consider him OP, but that is not the case. He has two physical weaknesses, one being yellow materials, but the most effective is pure yellow piss, only found in yellow cows. The other is [Redacted]. (i would get banned if I said it anyway) He can be taken advantage of due to his intense addiction to brownies, and he also finds 5 year old poop humor so funny that he was laugh hysterically for a while.

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