You mean, you're NOT my real father?


Yosher (Sometimes just simply Yosh) is a character and protagonistbut doesn't belong to any series, currently.

He has usually been underestimated due to his small package and is TRS/Sthromas's adopted pet.


Yosher is usually depicted as immature and and just plain frisky. A prime example of this is him laughing at other's misfortunes. He is also shown to be quiet hasty and even brash, when upset. Still he is very sensitive and usually means well. One of his biggest aspects is his gluttony. This is usually due to his long tongue and the fact that he's still growing.


Yosher, despite being raised happily inside Slusher, his history has been quite dark. Nobody knows what happened to his real parents except for Sthromas and Redster who just so happened to burn down the forest they were living in. Yosher, or rather his egg, was found lodged inside a berry bush nearby Slusher.


Yosher may not be strong, sincere, brainy or even patient, but where he makes his mark is mostly in his tongue. It has been used for a variety of purposes, such as a grappling hook, accordian, and just something to reach those cookies at the top of the fridge. He's also the perfect spy, because he's small enough to fit in almost anything.





  • Yosher used to not know Falcon was a female
    • He found out when her hood accidentally came off.

More Soon


NOTE: Yosher is actually a product of Nintendo. While he does not have this particular name or personality, the images belong to Nintendo. I do not own them. Thank you for being awesome, Nintendo.

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