Stick Zee is one of the main protagonists in The Stickman Series and one of the first females to appear within the series.   


She is the girlfriend of Stick Stan


Stick Zee has light-yellow body color, light-pink outline and has lavender eyes. She has a long, pink hair that reaches her waists. She occasionally ties her hair into a pony tail and wears hear accessories of some sort, typically Ribbons or Hair Clips.

Personality Edit

Zee is a kind, loving and upbeat, constantly in a cheerful mood. She has high morality, treating people with utmost respect. But despite this, she tends to ignore the negativity of a person and believes everyone has a good side. Her high enthusiasm has gave her a lot of friends and people that adore her.

Zee posses an immense composure, Zee approaches danger in a calm demeanor, rarely showing fear and worries. Even during fights, Zee rarely allows her anger get the best of her. However, if her tranquility breaks, her outbursts are uncontrollably violent.

Abilities Edit

Though not for fighting, Zee is very significant to her team, possessing an arsenal of powers that protect and save her teammates from fatal injuries.

Healing Abilities Edit

Zee's primary ability is to heal and replenish a person who has taken damage to their prime state. The healing process' speed depends on the damage taken from the person, such as small wounds and bleeding will heal quickly while fatal blows take some time.

Her healing ability can reach to an extent of regenerating lost body parts but would require plenty of her stamina to do so. Though, this is the her ability's limit, she cannot bring a person who has died back to life.

Love Shield Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Zee's powers were constantly change from pink fire to dragon forms that were based on offensive attacks instead of a supporting role as she is now.

Gallery Edit

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