Yuusuke Hayashi, better known by his codename "Zero", is a silver-gray stick figure with archaic zeroes embedded into his chest and the palms of his hands. He works for the Kobayashi Robotics company; he is Professor Matt's number two, and the strongest member of the Kobayashi Roots.

Personality Edit

Yuusuke is normally calm and reserved in public. He tries to keep a cool head at all times, and refrains from taunting or jeering at opponents. He is quite aware of his reputation as the most powerful Root, and is usually very careful about what he says in order to maintain the Roots' own reputation.

Yuusuke appears to be dedicated to Matt and will spring to defend him at all costs. He is willing to abandon anything and everything to protect Matt from harm, which unfortunately is easily exploitable by opponents. However, he is respectful of Matt and will step down if the professor decides to fight for himself.

Yuusuke emits a "thoughtful" energy type. He has a slight affinity to Void-element magic, which leaves a noticeably unique energy signature. As such, if he uses a Zero Power, he will practically be giving his location away to any sensory types nearby.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like the other Roots, Yuusuke possesses a unique skillset and abnormal abilities on top of conventional combat skills.

Close Combat Prowess Edit

As Yuusuke once worked as Matt's professional bodyguard, he is adept at close hand-to-hand combat. He is specifically skilled in the martial arts style of baguazhang.

By default, his close combat is completely normal; it is completely unrelated to his magical abilities.

Zero Powers Edit

Yuusuke's main form of magic is the Zero Power, a mysterious force embedded inside his body. Using this ability, Yuusuke can destroy the physical and magical energies around him, allowing him to nullify magical attacks or encumber an opponent.

Yuusuke's Zero Powers tap directly into his magical energy system; as with all humans, if he runs out of energy he will die.

Zero Energy Edit

Yuusuke can summon Zero Energy to his body, creating a void-like aura around him. This enhances his close-combat hits, allowing him to slowly but surely chip away at the opponent's physical energy and stamina as they fight. This is the most basic form of the Zero Power, and it costs the least energy to maintain.

Zero Barrier Edit

Summoning power to the zeroes on his hands, Yuusuke creates one or two miniature barriers with the Zero Power's energy. Any magic attack that hits these barriers dissipates as if it was nothing. If an opponent gets too close, the Zero Barrier might sap their stamina as well.

Dark Matter Edit

Yuusuke creates an octahedron of Zero Energy around his entire body, protecting him from all sides.

This is one of the most powerful Zero Powers, and it is also the most draining on Yuusuke's physical and magical energies. It has a high threat of imbalancing his energy systems, which would lead to him losing control of his powers and possibly dying from expending too much energy.

Last Lamento Edit

This Zero Power has not been activated yet; Matt forbade Yuusuke from using it unless as a last resort. Yuusuke knows that it will expend the entirity of his life force, so if he uses this Zero Power he will die. However, he is unsure exactly of how it works and what happens.

Strategy Edit

Yuusuke is a very analytical and strategic person. He is very logical and cautious, preferring to analyze the situation before acting rashly.

His preferred strategy is "flexible response", where he fights with a level of effort similar or equal to the perceived threat of his opponent. This allows Yuusuke to fight much more efficiently, allowing him to battle for a longer period of time and reserve his more powerful Zero abilities for tougher enemies.

Relationships Edit

Professor Matt: Matt is an old friend of Zero's, and the professor considers him his right-hand man. Zero is often the first informed when Matt issues an order to Root, and he also has full knowledge of Matt's goals and plans for Kobayashi.

Solaris Stormcrusher ("One"): At first, Zero didn't see what was so impressive about him, mainly since the Zero Powers were immune to Solaris' Chain Lightning abilities. However, his impression changed after he saw Solaris in the field.

Yutaka Ozawa ("Two"):





Chisa Nakagawa ("Seven"):

Ricky Bob ("Eight"):

Bobby Rick ("Nine"): Thanks to the "numbers and zeroes" motif combined with Zero's superior skills, Bobby looks up to Zero and sees him as a mentor figure of sorts.

Trivia Edit

  • Yuusuke is currently the only known person with a slight affinity to Void-elemental magic. The Zero Powers are actually reflective of his affinity to Void.
    • Interestingly enough, Yuusuke is completely unaware of this.
    • Thanks to its affinity with Void, the Zero Power requires the user to have a Void affinity to control it. If copied, there is an almost-unavoidable likelihood that the copier will lose control of the power.
  • Yuusuke's birthday is on June 12.

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