Zeth is one of the main antagonists in The Stickman Series, he came from Seth's intense jealousy that gradually built up into a separate personality, eventually manifested his own body. 

Appearance Edit

Zeth has yellow eyes and has a blue color with dark blue outline. His color is based off (pre-death) Seth's eye color, and his yellow eyes are a hint to a certain character called Phantom.

Charged Zeth Edit

Charged Zeth is similar to Seth's Hyper mode, his eyes are firey and has cyan flames on his arms.

Personality Edit

Zeth displays most of Seth's negative personality. He mostly displays great insolence and a mischievous personality, though he never underestimates the person he was created from. He also loves to laugh and mock at his enemies and often taunts them. Though this can lead him to be defeated due to him not taking his opponents seriously.

Zeth also does not share Seth's interest nor is opposite to him. 


Mind Control Edit

Zeth is capable of taking control of people's minds. Once being controlled, the person feels anger and intense jealousy. Most people can break out of the trance if they are reminded of what makes them who they are. Basically he replaces the victim's personality with his own.

Laser BlastEdit

He is able to shoot a beam that is strong as Seth's, the only difference is the color.

Trivia Edit

  • Zeth's name was a mispronunciation of Seth.
  • Zeth does not show signs of any interest with an object or any possessions.
    • Though his only love interest is Stick Zee, but he later disregarded that fact.
  • Seth is immune to Zeth's mind control, this is due to the fact that Seth is already feeling intense rage.