"Are you sure you want to face me, you can't lay a finger on me!"


Zora is the marksman from the Rakion Raiders , using his energy, he can launch arrows from miles away, he is a dimension 30175 Slasher, he is always calm no matter what, he is unlocked after freeing him from Rakion Яeverse's Control


Early lifeEdit

When he was born, his parents see blue flames eminating from his hands, when he grew up, he saw archers on TV and wanted to be like them, so his parents bought him a bow and arrows, and tought him how to Fire, once he got the hang of it, he started to practice every day, at the age of 10, he tried to fire one bow at 3 targets, once he fired, he was startled to see he fired 3 arrows despite holding 1, he figured out that he can use his energy to enhance his marksmanship.


By the age of 15, he was eligible to enter Slash Co. he met new friends, and met the headmaster Storiel and spoke to him, he told him he was a marksman with energy that can enhance his shots, stno told him if he can hit 7 targets with only 3 bows, he can enter, so he did, his roommates were astounded when they saw he did that.

Joining the Rakion RaidersEdit

The moment Rakion saw his talent, he asked Zora if he can join him, Zora said if the rakion raiders needed a marksman in their group, So he joined


  • He can Use his energy to enhance his shots
  • Spreaded Shots
  • rapid fire Shots


Rakion Raiders

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